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There are men out there who are good at picking girls. The problem is that they do not explain how they exactly achieve that. As such, this article offers tips for the unluckiest man who is struggling to pick girls. Read on to discover to know a handful of useful tips on how to pick up a girl.

Broaden Your Horizons

First, you are advised to broaden your horizons. For instance, you should not restrict your search to dinner parties and the pub because you do not know where you might find the girl of your dreams. You can even find her on chat online. You are advised to look further than this. If you want to pick cute girls you need to look everywhere you go. You should avoid picking girls from places where they did not go for romantic reasons such as a hospital or a dispensary. Go for places where ladies are ready to hook up such as bars, clubs, parties, and sporting events. Consider open-air markets because girls who frequent there are free to interact. It is likely that the girls you encounter there will be in a particularly good mood to socialize with men.

Understand Male-Female Dynamics

Again, you need to understand the male-female dynamic if at all you are going to succeed in picking an attractive girl. Although this will vary from one place to another but there are at least some things that make women think that men are attractive. Remember that women are attracted to men who wield immense social power. So, simply wield it! To boost your social power, you may opt to sharpen your sense of humor. Physical wealth is another sign that a man wields remarkable social power and you should therefore have at least something that shows that you are not a common Joe, with regard to finances. Since how you can adjust your lifestyle to accentuate your strengths in order to attract a woman. Another way to make sure that you increase your social power is to be adequately confident. By demonstrating the ability to speak in a self-assured way, you will have already shown the lady that you are in charge of things and this will increase your chances of winning her. That’s why they say that confidence is everything in the dating world. If you are not confident enough, you may end up finding it extremely hard to find good dates.

Be Yourself

Further, it pays a lot to be yourself. Remember that women are very wise and will easily detect when you lie to her. You should therefore strive to be honest and avoid faking because she will detect it anyway. You must never pretend to be something that you are not. Ladies however fear getting into the messy lives of men. As such, you should be careful as you share your past because it may not always work for you. As such, you should avoid disclosing your personal information unless you are in some long-term relationship. You should however avoid losing perspective. You need to make sure that you do not unloading all your personal information to a gal you have just met since this will dwindle your chances of winning her over.

Watch Your Body Language

Body language playas a critical role when wooing women. To maximize your chances of landing the best girls out there, you need to fine-tune your body language. It is only through body language that human beings will be able to fully communicate their emotional states. Words are not sufficient to communicate one’s emotions. The body should play a bigger role in telling a girl what you want from her. More eye contact is better than less eye contact when you are conversing with a new girl. When you eyes meet, do not take them away without having smiled. Smiling has a way of drawing the girl even closer to you and increases your odds of nailing the girl of your desire. You should however avoid staring at the woman too much since this may send the wrong signal. Maintain an open stance throughout the dialogue. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed, shoulders back and your head level. Such a posture will communicate the message that you are confident enough. Never mumble like a fool. Always ensure that you speak clearly and without hesitation and make your points well understood. Motioning your head towards the person you are talking to. Bringing your head closer to the girl as you talk is a sign of both confidence and affection and it doubtless improves your chances of winning the girl you are talking to.

Offer Genuine/Natural Compliments 

In the same vein, you should maintain your compliments subtle. Avoid uttering compliments and ensure that all your compliments sound genuine. The compliments should fit in the conversation naturally. Dry and forced compliments will make you look and sound artificial before the girl and further worsen your chances of getting the girl you want. People are not interested in comments that are not genuine and this is going to work for you. Let the girl feel like the compliments your voice are deserved and not forced. You need to speak in a natural way that does not betray your obvious intention to please.

Avoid A Monologue

As you dialogue, you should be careful to avoid monopolizing the conversation. You should remember the lady some time to express yourself. To avoid becoming a bully in conversation, you should bring up topics that she is familiar with and keep on seeking her opinion of the girl. One way of making your lady feel important is incorporating her ideas in your discussions. If you talk hours in end without giving her an opportunity to voice her opinions, it might end up giving her the idea that you are selfish in other areas of life.


The above tips are mere guidelines meant to guide the men who feel that they were not created to get girls easily. They are just guidelines and not the absolute steps to getting any girl out there. You should therefore allow your creativity and ingenuity to play the bigger role as you endeavor to win the goal of your dreams. Good luck!

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