How to Pursue a Woman: Three Easy Step

How to Pursue a Woman: Three Easy Step post thumbnail image

Are you interested in learning how to pursue a woman? First of all, I think you deserve some congratulations, because you’re trying to master a skill that almost no guy has. Secondly, you need to realize that the knowledge of how to pursue a woman isn’t some god given gift that some men have and others don’t.

Instead, it’s just something you can learn like any other skill, you just need to practice consistently, and keep track of what works and how well it works. But I’ll admit that some men don’t want to learn everything for themselves, so here are my best three tips for how to pursue a woman…

First: Go to the Women

Maybe this seems to simple, but there’s a twist to it. A lot of guys think they do this part right by going to places where to competition is really fierce. Places like night clubs, and bars, where women get hit on by a million guys every night, and a lot of the time they aren’t even looking for a date, they just want to hang out with their friends.

These places do have a place. If you’re just looking for a bunch of woman to practice on, these places can be a good start, but they aren’t where you should go if you’re looking for quality results. If you want to get a really great woman, then you need to get them when they least expect them, like a park, or a library, a coffee shop, or maybe even a bookstore. Women don’t go to those places expecting to be hit on, so it comes as much more of a compliment.

Second: Win Her Trust

One of the main techniques you’ll need to learn is how to win a woman’s trust quickly. But how can you do this if you approach her in a way that makes your intentions totally clear? There is no good answer to that question: you need to first build trust, then start pursuing her. To use the book store as an example, you might see a woman in a book store you want to pursue, so you sit in the chair next to her. After a couple minutes, ask her to watch your seat while you go to the bathroom.

What does this accomplish? Well, it’s you trusting her, with keeping your seat safe, and once you’ve shown trust in someone, they will very often trust you back. When you get back, say thanks politely, and everything you’ve learned on how to pursue a woman will become a lot easier..

TIP: if you want this to work really well, make a joke: «I am going to bathroom, if anyone grabs my laptop, tackle them.» Then when you get back, you can continue joking and everything will go even smoother.
Third: Use the «Gotta Go» Close

After you’ve talked to her for a bit, and you’re having a good time, pretend to get a text message and that you need to leave all of the sudden. This kind of interruption will give you a great moment to ask for her phone number: «Sorry, I need to leave but I’m having a great time. Could I get your phone number so we can do this again sometime?»

By asking for a date only at this point, you’re proving that you aren’t needy, you just don’t want to never see her again, and you have a life other than pursuing women because something has called you away.

Practice the three steps outline above for how to pursue a woman, and you’ll get it after a few tries. It won’t take long until you’re a complete understand how to pursue a woman.

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