How To Seduce A Girls

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Getting a girl to love you is not an easy thing. As such, you should know a few tips that. Therefore, you should adhere to some surefire guidelines in order to ensure that you command the affection of your dream Lady. Therefore, this article explores a few tips that will boost your chances of landing the best woman out there. Read on to know how to seduce a girl.

Get Closer To Her

First, you are advised to do enough sleuthing to make sure that you get closer to her. Before you tell her what you want, you should make sure that you get closer to her and that you know her better. Avoid coming on too strong because she will feel intimidated or think that you are too easy to get. In the same vein, she will get bored and start hating you instead. Seek to her friend before you become her man.

Be Likable

Again, you should strive to be likable. This is a very important step that you have to take as you strive to win a woman. At this stage, you can tell whether a lady is warming up to you or drawing away from you. This knowledge is very pivotal as you stealthily move into a woman’s heart. This gives you the opportunity to know whether she really likes you or she thinks that you are just a colleague to her. Text her or call her frequently about something both of you like. This will make her start enjoying the chats and she will also strive to stay in touch with you. However, if you come across as a bore, you might end up making her distance herself from you. If you find that she takes a lot of time to get back to you during a chat, this is a sign that you should change the topic and talk about something more interesting.

Get Active At Night

Another tip on how to seduce a girl is getting active during the night. During the night, your lady is going to be less busy and will have a lot of time to freely chat with you. However, you are not advised to start texting at night on the preliminary stages. You should start by texting or calling during the day until she has already gotten used to you. Make the first messages clean and just flirt casually without showing her that you are trying to get her fall in love with you. You should just strive to do is to make her flirt back. You should not get into her pants to avoid blowing things off.

Be The Tough Man

In order to confuse her, you should show her that you live separate lives and have different opinion on things. Be flirty and naughty as you text her because that’s the only way to convince her that you are a tough man. And do not talk about the flirty messages unless she talks about them herself. If she does not talk about them, then it means that she enjoys them. This is a sign that she’s about to fall for you. You must never make the mistake of discussing those texts when there are other people around. This is a sign that something is brewing between the two of you but there is no one who should know it apart from the two of you. Ladies love men who can keep secrets.

Do Not Make Your Affection Obvious

Although you like the girl sexually, you should avoid showing her that you like her. This is where many men err. They let the lady know that they want her before time is ripe. She already knows that and it is not important to say it. If you keep on texting her and being suggestive, she will doubtless understand that you desire her. She is always waiting for you to confirm that and remove the doubts but do not do this yet. Play it cool and keep her doubting for some longer time. Her curiosity and excitement will work out the chemistry and she will find herself already addicted to you. Telling her that you like her will kill the suspense and that does not improve your chances of getting her.

Invade Her Comfort Zone

Getting into her comfort zone is a way of maximizing your chances of getting her to love you. When you are with her alone, sit close to her and pretend that you do not know how close to her you are. Now you have gotten her closer to you and it is time to stir her chemistry and make her get closer to you. Touch her when you are drumming home some point or hug her for some time as you say goodbye. These simple gestures have the capacity to get her desiring you sexually and missing you when you are away.

Stir Some sexual Tension

Another step that you should make is causing some sexual tension. At this time, she will feel some sexual tingle the moment you touch her or are close to her. This is the time you should make her crave your touch. Whisper things into her ears and play with her fingers when non-one else is around.

Initiate Dirty Conversation

Having some dirty conversation at this point is not bad. Start otherwise innocent conversations that end in some dirt conversation. Within no time, you will find yourself having some sex talk. It is this sex talk that you should advance until you get what you want. Before you know it, both of you will be already into some phone sex with each other. Ask her some dirty questions that will leave her wet!

Ask Her Out

Further, you should ask her out. Because she’s already shown interest, she will most likely just accept. Arrange to meet her at your/her palace. You should only ask her out when you are ready to woo her. At this point, you should decide whether yours is a romantic affair or a mere friends-with-benefits arrangement.

When you finally meet, you should not make the mistake of jumping on her right away. Play it cool and make sure that she’s in the right mood before you kiss her for the first time. You have already won the girl’s heart. You now have her, just take care!

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