How To Win A Girl

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Winning a girl is not an art that every man can easily master. Therefore, you should be acquainted with the tips that are going to increase your chances of getting cute girls out there. With regard to this, this article explores a few tips on how to win a girl that you should follow in order to increase you chances of winning the girl of your desire. Read on to discover how to have a girl and more about understanding women.

Be Smart

First, you need to ensure that you are ever spotless clean. Being clean maximizes your chances of winning beautiful ladies out there. This does not necessarily mean that you should waste your money on the most expensive clothes. Make sure that your clothes are always well-ironed and well-washed. Again, have a sense of fashion. Ladies believe that a man who has no sense of fashion has no sense of life either.

Show Them That You Care

Ladies are naturally weak, or so they think. If you show her that you really care, she will present herself to you and you will be in a position to woo her and make her your girlfriend. This does not mean that you should go off the way to do everything for her. For instance, you may choose to help her with assignments if you are in same class, for instance. If you are at work and she appears overwhelmed by work, you may opt to chip in and help her. Although such things appear simple, they have a way of drawing a lady to a man.

Be Humorous

You need to be humorous if at all you want to get the most beautiful girls out there. Ladies are naturally attracted to guys who are humorous. Crack jokes when the lady is around and she will start missing your company when you are not around. In fact, a lady can fall in love with you simply because you are humorous. You should however never make the mistake of straining to be humorous. This will ruin your chances more than not being humorous at all.

Do Not Make Your Intentions Too Obvious

Although you want a girl, you should not make it obvious that you want her. You should ensure that your target does not understand that you want her. Just be nice and keep guessing until you break the much-awaited news that you indeed want her. Ladies should be kept in suspense and you should keep her guessing for some time. When you break the magic by saying that you want her, you spoil your chances of success. The more you keep is guess-working, she also develops some affection and makes your work of winning her easier.

Avoid Being Too Nagging

You need to be very careful as you tell a girl that you want her. Avoid being overly persuasive because this may act as a put-off. Simply tell the girl that you want her and give her ample time to decide. You should only regret when you have not gotten enough time to express yourself. However, once you have stated your point, there is no need to keep on adding other words that do not clarify your point. When she discovers that she might also lose you, she will quicken her reply and the answer will be favorable.

Talk To Her At The Right Time

The time during which you talk to the girl will determine the response. Again, the time you talk to the girl should be the time she’s most relaxed. When you talk to her during the wrong time, you should expect to be rejected right away. If you talk to the girl at the time she has other things to do, she will not give you the attention that you deserve. And without enough attention from a lady, your chances of success are quite minimal.

Avoid Being Overly Confident

Most successful guys talk to girls as if it is their eternal right to be accepted by every woman out there. However successful you are, you should not appear too confident since this can be a put-off. In the other hand, ladies love surprising men who appear to appear to doubt. Even if the chances of winning the girl are obviously high, you should behave as if you still are not sure. Note that women reward effort. You should therefore show her that you really care about losing her and that you are not taking anything for granted. When a woman finds that a man is taking her for granted, she begins thinking twice and she may even refuse you just to teach you a lesson. Be humble and the lady will honor you. Elevate yourself and ladies are going to humble you!

Choose The Best Venue

Where you propose will determine whether the girl rejects you or accepts you. For instance, if you tell her that you want her at the workplace, for example, your chances of having her accept you will be low. Take your time and look for the best place that has a romantic touch. Do not go for just any other venue out there. Go for an elaborate place because the more effort you put, the higher your chances of being accepted. You should however avoid suggestive venues that will give the girl a clue way before you even meet. Avoid venues that are overly romantic because she’s not already your girlfriend.

Do Not Rush For Sex

Although sex is part of any relationship out there, you should avoid behaving as if sex is all you want from a girl. Since everyone has feelings, you should major on making the girl feel loved and she soon will also start to want sex. Work on the relationship and tell the lady that you would like to take it to the next level. Ladies are very emotional creatures and she will find the urge to bond irresistible. Even if you want sex badly, you can give her a few clues and see how she responds. If she does not sound interested, then you are advised to discontinue any talk along such a direction to avoid ruining your chances of having sex with her in future.

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