Keeping a Man You Attract

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You have waited and practiced quite a bit on how to attract a man and now you have him hooked and ready to reel him in. You were confident in knowing how to attract him but not so sure on what to do next. Boy do we have some good tips for you.

Maybe it was easy or not so easy to attract the man you were interested in.

You worked for it just the same and you deserve to see the fruits of your labor come into fruition of a lasting relationship. The skills you used to attract him in the first place (such as your appearance and flirting) must still be used in every stage of your relationship. You were able to attract him to you by showing your interest in him and nothing has changed. Continue to keep him guessing, wait at least an hour (30 minutes if it’s a text message) to call him (or text him) back. When you do finally talk, talk about anything but him. You’re letting him know that you were busy and weren’t thinking about him all the time. mans do not want to attract women who are clingy. Continue with your own interests (you can bet he will) so that he is not the end all be all of your world.

The biggest obstacle to keeping a man that you attract is his friends.

They view you as the enemy who has come to steal their pal away. Don’t panic, this is easily avoided. Get to know his friends, you can learn alot from them. Not only that but they will get the chance to see how much fun you are and you’re worth getting to know better. When it comes time for you and your man to be together, they’re less likely to give him a hard time about it because they like you. Hang out with your own friends and do your own thing to show your independence. I’m sure you did this when you set out to attract your man in the first place, it works with his friends too. Never under any circumstances do you flirt with his friends. Keep your signs of affection down to a minimum when you are both with his friends. It’s guys night and you want him to do something special with you. Your night can wait. It is imperative that you do not encroach on his man time letting him know that you value him and respect his friendships.

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